Once upon a time in May 2011, on a sunny day in New Delhi, India, I wanted to record weird music about weird shit like space and philosophy and comic book characters and canned chilli.

So I fired up the old computer and started wailing into a microphone, while playing the guitar and bass and programming drums. Then I mixed everything together and put it up on the interwebs.

Eventually, I released a 5 song EP/concept album entitled 'KULT PHILOSOPHY' on August 17th, 2012 through Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Reverbnation. It was lots of fun.
Check it out here - https://acoustickult.bandcamp.com/album/kult-philosophy 

These days, I record singles and put them up here, there, everywhere

Check them out if you like Alternative Rock with just a pinch of Prog and maybe even a dash of Grunge.

Join the Kult at https://www.facebook.com/acoustickult